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"We Are Our Own Victory!"

My Voice Is More Than Just My Own
I Am Eternally Indebted to My Elders and Ancestors Who Made My Journey Possible

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The Numbing Effect...

When we hear the word "stress" we often associate it with certain images or symptoms that we see in mainstream media. We might have an image of someone who is visibly frazzled, pacing non-stop, have a short fuse, or seemingly easily distracted. Stress is generally defined as a sense of tension; this tension can exist emotionally, physically, or even soulfully. Stress is also defined as a perceived threat or demand that removes one from his/her comfort zone. Stress can be

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This is a blog that is intentionally designed to offer insight, education, and to create dialogue about a a very important topic regarding an exquisite group of people.  Views are my own based on my personal, educational, and professional experiences.  Below, I will continue to share a myriad of resources that give voice to the black experience.  

The Souls of Black Folk ~ W.E.B. DuBois

Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome ~ Dr. Joy DeGruy

White Rage ~ Carol Anderson

The Cross and the Lynching Tree ~ James H. Cone

Black Theology & Black Power ~ James H. Cone

Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America ~ Charisse Jones & Kumea Shorter-Gooden, PhD

Urban Trauma ~ Dr. Maysa Akbar

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