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"Dear Black Girl..."

It's Women's History Month! For many of us, it continues great energy after honoring Black History Month in February. I've been doing a lot of work lately with clients and in speaking engagements where people have asked now more than ever about coping skills and making room for emotions. I spend a little over half of my time providing therapy services and often encourage journaling with various prompts that cater to a particular client's needs or presenting issues. Recently, I decided to channel that energy into a new creative resource specifically for Black Women.

The invisibility of Black women has been a weight that is far too common and has been ignored for far too long. Black women are powerful and resilient beyond measure but also need space to process emotions, pain, insecurities, and other vulnerabilities. Many of these issues are passed down across the generations. This workbook was created specifically for Black girls across various spans of life and development who need a place to begin exploring their mental and emotional wellness. This workbook was created to be a foundational starting place for Black girls to begin exploring ways that various life experiences can impact happiness, wellness, and overall mental health. Many of the things included are specific to the Black experience as Black girls tend to have a specific social and emotional experience based on racial and/or ethnic backgrounds. It can be used on your own, in therapy, or if you are a therapist, perhaps with a client. The prompts are appropriate for an older adolescent to adult age.

Many people are interested in journaling or therapy but don't know where to start. My hope is that this provides you a place to explore and begin a journey of healing, growing, and thriving!


Dr. Jess

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