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We Are Our Own Victory!

In a world of COVID-19 and 1619 Pandemics, the notion of a 'victory' is likely the last concept that has been on our minds. In this tumultuous, chaotic election cycle we are uncertain if 'victory' will even exist, even if the vote goes our way! We are persistently triggered by losing family/friends/neighbors to COVID-19, the increasing of boldness of white supremacy, the unjustified death of innocent black bodies, and the various implications of working/parenting/schooling from home during a pandemic. 2020 has felt like an unending dark cloud of sad, enraging, numbing series of events. Some of us are even starting to wonder if 2021 will bring any relief.

Well, I've come to remind you that no matter what circumstances we face, we must remember we are divinely and purposefully made with everything we need already within. We were created with an array of a beautiful rainbow of melanin and hearts and souls full of the tools we need to get through our individual and communal experiences. Acknowledging our resilience and our strength, does not mean we are in denial about our current circumstances. It means that we remain present and centered, grounded in our faith and confidence. How many times have we struggled with anxiety about a situation where we obsessed over every possible outcome, just to realize that things were not as bad as we anticipated? How many times have we felt stuck or hopeless about an issue thinking we were lacking resources or support, just to realize that once we stepped away and prayed about it or asked for help, we easily found a solution! What about those times when our worst nightmare did unfortunately happen, but somehow we remain present full of life and breath to tell it and help someone else turning our pain into a gift? If you are feeling the weight of the world, this is your reminder that no matter the issue, victory can always be an outcome!

If you need some support to guidance to seek and become more aligned with your own sense of victory here are some tips to consider:

1. Victory starts in the mirror. That not only means physically, but emotional and spiritual. It starts with acknowledging hard, painful truths that keep us stuck from our own growth and healing.

2. Self-care is a strategy! Finding quiet time, investing in your overall health, being mindful of your energy input and output are all ways to create a path to victory.

3. Engage in therapy or listen to your therapist! We are all on a continuum of life and our respective mental health journeys. Some of us need to start and remain in therapy consistently, and others of us need to actually listen and apply to what our therapists are telling us.

4. Invest and spend time reflecting on whatever power or source you believe in that is bigger than you. This allows for grounding, relinquishing unhealthy perceptions of what we can control, and a sense of spiritual safety and connectivity.

5. Always celebrate yourself! Everyday is a day of thanksgiving and a day to celebrate YOU. Did you wake up? Be grateful. Did you do some sort of physical activity? Be grateful. Did you do one small thing that invests in YOU or your future? Celebrate and be grateful. Whatever it is, be kind to yourself and speak the positivity over your life you wish to receive and experience.

We must never forget that we come from an ancestry of brilliant, intelligent, beautiful, bold thinkers, creators, and leaders. We must always remember to celebrate them by striving towards our own victory!!

Be blessed!

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